It’s the End of the World as We Know It

August Wedding
August Wedding, acrylic, house paint, oil pastel on canvas, two panels; 2’ x 4’

I came back to this blog precisely because these are “crazy, crazy times“. On the same day I was tweaking with the colors and fonts, putting finishing touches on the updated logo and deciding to start a separate but related Instagram account, we lose John Prine to this devastating pandemic. Speed and the Sound of Loneliness is one of the first songs I ever learned how to play on the guitar. I know that people are suffering far worse than cabin fever, concerns over toilet paper… and like me, loss of work. However there is also some comfort one can find in appreciating the one’s you’re “stuck at home” with, those who are far away that you love and miss, and yes, comfort eating. I also appreciate all the outpouring of music and art as well. Let’s get back to these things we love, we got too busy for and that bring us some joy. As we revisit this blog, I hope it brings you some sort of happiness or at least distraction. I’m looking forward to seeing what Danny is making. I’m glad to miss him, my other friends and especially my kids. Stay safe.

I gifted August Wedding to our mutual friend Brian and his lovely wife Anne. I love and miss them terribly as well.

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