In Colombia, Pho is Pronounced “Sancocho”

Broken down, the uber-popular Vietnamese soup Pho (you know how to pronounce it) is a consommé of beef or seafood, poured over slivers of meat, veggies and noodles. Every culture has its “home” version of a hearty soup of meat and veggies that reminds one of home. In Colombia it’s called Sancocho and I’d put it up against Pho any day of the week.

While I LOVE Pho — having eaten gallons of it while growing up overseas — (and enjoying it on occasions when I make it to Nashville) my grandmother’s Sancocho’s are the stuff of legend.

Sancocho is a bold, flavorful soup comprised of a beef or seafood stock, root veg like plantains and potatoes, big hunks of meat, and always always always, corn on the cob. The whole thing is cooked over a long period of time so that the broth thickens with the broken down root veggies. Starches from yucca, potatoes and plantains combine with the proteins from the meats so that every spoonful leaves your mouth almost sticky and yearning for more.

Old school Colombian tradition serves Sancocho of any type with lime and white rice.

Tonight I gave my first go.

Sancocho de Cola, with ox tail …

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